➤ Professor profile

Senior Lecturer of Qingdao Shiming Floral Art

Director of Qingdao Flower Arrangement Council

National Senior Flower Arranger

2015 Qingdao Spring Wedding Exhibition Floral Design

Invited florist at the 2015 Qingdao Summer Asian Wedding Expo

2016 Qingdao Hanbi Building BMW Floral Design

Sixth place in the 14th Floral Competition in 2016

2017 Qingdao Flower Art Star Lecturer

2018 Invited Lecturer of Community Flower Art in South District, Qingdao

Excellent Design Award of the Second Qingdao Flower Fair in 2019

Special guest performers at the 2019 Qingdao Flower Art Exchange Conference

Bronze Award of Beijing World Horticultural Exposition 2019