Guang Cheng

Teaching Experience
2018 to Present
Taught Chinese calligraphy in Shouxian, China
Member of Chinese couplet Association
Deputy Secretary General of Huainan Poetry Association
Secretary General of Shouxian Poetry Association.
Member of Anhui Calligraphy Association
Director of Huainan Jianghuai Calligraphy Institute
President of State Grid Shouxian company calligraphy and Painting Association
National second-level martial arts referee
National second-class social sports instructor
Vice chairman and Secretary General of Shouxian branch of Huainan Martial Arts
Bio story
When I was young, I loved literature. During the cultural revolution, my articles
appeared in street columns. When I served in the army, he often published poems and
essays. After I went to the local government, I systematically studied Chinese
language and literature, and successively published works in newspapers and
magazines of cities, provinces and counties.
I successively applied “preface to Lanting”, “records of miaoyan Temple”, “stele of
Shichen”, “stele of Zhang Menglong” and contemporary calligraphy of Mr. Yang
Zaichun. My calligraphy works have been awarded awards and exhibited in the
system and in cities, provinces and counties for many times.
In youth, I learned Changquan, namely chaquan and tongarm boxing. After taking
part in the work, I practiced the body-building skill, Emei Taoist Qigong. In the
middle age, I studied Taijiquan, followed by national routine 24, 42, 32 and Wudang
Taijijian. I also learned Yang Style Taijiquan 28, 48 and 88. He has learned Chen
Style Taijiquan 56 and 72.

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