Professor profile:

Member of Chinese Flower Arranging Association

Vice President of Qingdao Flower Arranging Association

Honorary President of Pingdu Flower Arranging Association

Dean of Shang Lianhua Academy of Art

Senior Chinese Florist

China Registered First Class Constructor

Landscaping art designer

Oriental natural wind floral artisan

Flower Guidance Expert of Tai’an Vocational College

Certified Florist of Qingdao Flower Arrangement Association

West Coast New District certified the first batch of traditional cultural (floral) disseminators

Instructed by Mr. Ni Zhixiang, an international floral champion

Instructed by Mr. Alex, the World Cup floral champion

Awards and honors:

Gold Medal in the 2014 Oriental Natural Wind Competition

2015 China (Nanjing) Flower Art Competition Best Creative Award

2016 Qingdao Vocational Skills Floral Art Competition 3rd Runner-up

The Best Flower Art Award of the First Qingdao Flower Art Fair in 2018

Gold Award of the 2nd Qingdao Flower Art Fair in 2019

2019 Beijing World Horticultural Exposition Gold Award

2021 Qingdao Floral Skills Competition Judge

Lecture topic:

“How to understand space”

“Analysis of the Principles of Architectural Floral Design”

“Architectural Floral Design Method”

“Technical Analysis of Participating in Expo Events”


2 groups of floral arrangements