Owner and operator 
Vie Derma Clinic

Julie Cvijic is the owner and operator of Vie Derma Clinic, a successful skin clinic in the heart of Vancouver’s most prestigious locations, Coal Harbor. Julie has been involved in the wellness industry for most of her professional life. She is European trained, educated in a renowned Austrian aesthetic college and then continued education and practice in both Europe and Canada. Her international exposure combined with an instinctive flair allowed her to enjoy over thirty years experience in the wellness industry, including management and operations and the ongoing development of skin treatments and products.

She worked for over ten years with one of the largest global cosmetic companies, the renowned cosmetics line Clinique and Estee Lauder, where she received a prestigious award for achieving the highest sales globally. She was the owner of Elle Derma Clinic within the Hilton Hotel, where she achieved the highest Canadian sales of the year by an individual person for the skin care line G.M. Collin and Yonka. Through her clinic she offers innovative and effective treatments and unsurpassed therapy from an extensive product range. She develops her own skincare line from the formulation with effective ingredients to her own exclusive application regime. Her skincare line is currently in development stage and is expected to launch by Spring 2016.

Julie Cvijic is known as the skin guru in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her hard earned reputation

came from years of learning and teaching in different countries around the world. After gathering all the

wonderful experiences, she decided to settle down in the heart of downtown, Vancouver, opening her

very own skin center, Vie Derma Clinic.

Every Great Journey Starts with a Single Step.

Julie’s first step was being trained and certified by renown Austrian Esthetics Collage. Austrian Esthetics

Collage started Julie’s training on human anatomy intensively, because they know the importance of

healthy skin comes from a healthy body. Once she has obtained in human anatomy, she then studied

skin anatomy.

In Austrian Esthetics Collage, skin anatomy education includes skin diseases, skin diagnosis, skin

correction, and knowledge beyond how to prevent skin disorders, how to correct, and how to

rejuvenate and protect. The training lasted three years, making her one of the most extensively trained

skin professional in the world.

Her Continuous Journey.

Julie moved to Canada 35 years ago and wanted to pursue an aesthetic career in Vancouver.

Unfortunately, aesthetics was more on the cosmetic level at the time, and her only choice was to start in

cosmetics. She chose one of the most reputable cosmetic brand to start her career, and that brand was

Clinique. Even in such a big company, Julie stood out. What made Julie different in that cosmetics

world, was her background knowledge in skin anatomy.

For 12 years, Julie stayed at Clinique excelling in her field and becoming known as the skin expert.

During at time at Clinique she had the pleasure of making new friends and training new students for

Clinique. In addition, she obtained knowledge in cosmetology.

Shortly after she Clinique, she opened Elle Derma Clinic in two locations in Burnaby, British Columbia.

This was Julie’s first time opening her own business, and it was a difficult transition for her. About 20

years ago, in Vancouver, skin care was not part of everyday life, but they were aware of the cosmetics

world. Julie was the bridge between the aesthetics world and the cosmetics world for her clients,

educating, improving and showing them results.

One of her Elle Derma Clinic locations was within Hilton Hotel. In that location, she had the pleasure of

meeting and treating clients from all over the world, and as result she was invited by a visiting Philippine

politician to perform several clinical facials for their Prime Minister in Philippines. From there, you

received invitations to Hong Kong to perform clinic facials for government delegates. Her travels then

took her to the United

Arab Emirates to train chosen aestheticians. Her teaching in UAE gave her the reputation as Skin Guru.

As a Skin Guru, she was invited to Dubai by a private investor to engage in the possibility of a joint

business venture. This allowed her the opportunity to visit many spas and clinic throughout UAE. Arriving into Abu Dhabi, she was recruited by Paris Gallery Spa Manager to offer training to their staff.

Over the next few months, she offered expertise and knowledge on the importance of regular facial and

the advantages of continual usage of products catering to specific skin type and condition.

After Julie came back to Vancouver, she was given an opportunity to move her existing clinic to one of

the most beautiful districts in Vancouver – Coal Harbour. So she did, renaming her skin center, Vie

Derma Clinic. Her new location along with her expertise gain fast momentum, attracting elite clientele,

and acquiring the name “Best Secret in Vancouver”.

Through Vie Derma Clinic, she offered innovative and effective treatments, along with a wide range of

the most prestige skin care line. Her approach is to encourage monthly clinical treatments (will

elaborate in the Prevention Chapter), as well as educating her clients to change their behavioural

patterns, choosing a more healthy lifestyle, and developing a daily preventative regime.

Julie becomes a mentor for her clients, giving them advice on needs and wants, and what will provide

them with the best results.

In 2015, Julie concentrated her knowledge and started working on creating her own skincare line, with

Vitamin C as the dominate ingredient.

In Julies Words

I’ve reached the point of success in my life. Now, does this mean I don’t want to be even more

successful? Absolutely, every single day I strive to meet new and sometimes demanding goals I have set

for myself.

I realized that a huge part of my success is due to the many wonderful and loyal customer and people

like you, that I have during my years in practice.