I have been writing, directing and producing dramatic and non-fiction films for the past 18 years. My films have been broadcast around the world, including on BBC, ARTE, SBS, VOA and Canal+.

My specialty (and absolute passion) is social-issue documentary filmmaking. Throughout the years I have collaborated with organizations such as UNDP, European Commission, and Nonviolence International on a wide range of film and television projects exploring issues such as human rights, women’s rights, and minority rights.

In 2007 I was short-listed by the Sundance Institute to take part in their International Filmmakers Award. My films have won 37 international awards.


Directing, Producing, Editing, Script writing, Scrip Analyzing


As Producer/Director/Writer (selected):


Our Country, Our Name. Feature length documentary. Status: in production. Produced by Fazeli Films Inc / Soliloquy Productions. Trailer:


PHOOLAN. Feature length docu-drama. Status: in post-production. Produced

by Fazeli Film Inc. Trailer:

As Director/Writer (selected):


WOMEN ON THE FRONT LINE. Documentary (54 min). Produced by Reelcontent Productions. Trailer:


THE LEGACY OF NONVIOLENT MOVEMENTS IN IRAN. Documentary (54 min). Produced by Nonviolence International.


INSCRIBED. Drama (short). Produced by Qube Film.

NONVIOLENCE IS THE WAY. A series of PSAs, advocating nonviolent struggle to achieve social and political change. Broadcast throughout the US via public and private networks, including PBS and Democracy Now.

Produced by Nonviolence International.


THE TALE OF TWO NAZANINS. Documentary (54 min). Produced by Bodog Music.

Note: This documentary is credited with igniting an international campaign that saved the life of a minor on Iranian death row. When the film was broadcast on major networks in 2007, the campaign to free the minor (Nazanin Fatehi) attracted 350,000 people to sign a petition, which it later submitted to the UN. As a result, the international pressure on Iran’s judiciary increased substantially. Three weeks later the Iranian authorities dropped the charges against the young woman and released her.


THE T-SHIRT. Drama (short). Produced by Forward International & Heyday Productions.


  1. SOAS University, UK, as an invited workshop instructor
  2. Documentary Organization of Canada, as an invited workshop instructor
  3. University of Victoria, Canada, as an invited lecturer
  4. University of British Colombia, Canada, as an invited lecturer
  5. Aarhus University & European Film College, Denmark, as an invited juror


  1. Election Supervisor, Serbian National (Parliament) Elections.


Diploma of Film Production, Vancouver Film School, Vancouver, Canada, 1994.

BA (Visual Arts), Watson College, Montreal, Canada, 1989-1993.


LANGUAGES English, Persian, Dari, Tajik