Diana Tang,born in Guangdong Province in China, immigrated to Canada at a young age. She has tried her best to promote Chinese traditional culture while living in Vancouver, Canada for 40 years.

Studied with Ms. Qiao Shan, the second-generation successor of the Jiuyi school’s master Guan Pinghu for over a decade and further studied “King Wen Playing the Guqin” and “Clouds over the Xiang River” with masters Cheng Gongliang and Gong Yi.

Taught by the well-known composer, piano educator and performer Mr. Xie Tianji. working on “Flowing Water”, “Music of Guangling”, “Three Stanzas on Plum Blossoms”, “Lament on Losing Favour”, “Pu’an Mantra”.

Taught guqin in English at the Institute of Asian Research in the University of British Columbia in 2005 and 2009.

An hour-long documentary was filmed in 2017.


In 2020, published her first book, The Way of the Guqin, which is the fruit of her 15-year effort in research and interpretation. Written in both English and Chinese, the book is a reflection of personal understanding of the subject as well as the distillation of a vast quantity of writings of those experts in and lovers of guqin.


汤月明Diana Tang出生于广东,幼小随父母移民到香港,十多岁时又由香港移居加拿大。旅居加拿大温哥华近四十年,为推广中国传统文化不遗余力。



曾在2005年和2009年在 UBC亜州研究中心用英语教授古琴。