Catalina Wang Xiubei, a famous actor, has been on the same stage with Zhang Fengyi and other famous actors. She has played many films and television dramas. She has very rich performing arts attainments and versatile performing arts talents. After that, she majored in makeup and modeling in the department of fine arts of Beijing Film Academy, and has long served as the designated image design makeup stylist for the guests of large-scale variety shows of Sichuan TV and Chengdu TV. Later, she got married and lived in Columbia, continuing her esthetician career in eyebrow microblading, eyeliner and lip.


Work Experience

Eyebrow Microblading, Eyeliner and Lip, Columbia


2015 – Present

Panda Media, Canada




Beijing Film Academy, China

Major in Makeup Modeling, Department of Fine Arts,


TV Dramas & Films

Sea Lantern Master (TV Drama)

Zhu De (TV Drama)

Pursuit Without Noise (TV Drama)

Lai Ning (TV Drama)

Female criminal (TV Drama)

Flowers (Film, Director Xie Tian)

Zhuowassam (Film, Director Xie Tian)